What is the "My Legacy" Permanent Endowment Fund?
A fund established to provide members and friends of the First United Methodist Church of Dade City with the opportunity to make charitable gifts over and above their regular giving to the church that will become a permanent endowment for the support of the ministries of the church. This ensures each gift will make a long lasting contribution throughout the life of the church and become a legacy for the donor.

What Types of Assets May be Gifted?
Gifts of any size are always welcome and are considered a tax-deductible donation. Cash, insurance policies and publicly traded securities may be gifted without restriction. A 401(k) or IRA are excellent vehicles since a non-charitable heir would be taxed at regular income tax rates and possibly estate taxes, as well. Whereas a charitable beneficiary would not be subject to either tax. Closely-held securities, real property, intangible personal property and other types of property may be gifted in accordance with the "Gifts Acceptance Policy."

Who Manages This Fund?
The Dade City United Methodist Permanent Endowment Fund Committee administers this fund on an ongoing basis and distributions are made based on the committee's recommendations with the approval of church leadership. A financial report is presented to the Charge Conference each year and is included in the annual audit of church funds.

The investments are professionally managed through the Florida United Methodist Foundation, Inc. in Lakeland, Florida ( The Foundation also provides information to individual donors on estate planning and establishment of charitable Gift annuities.

How Can I Get More Information?
If you desire further information about the Permanent Endowment Funds Program or are interested in making any special gifts to the church we invite you to discuss this with our Pastor (Jim Renault), Stewardship Chairman (Pete Brock), or a member of the Endowment Fund Committee who have been spearheading this effort. Please also feel free to reach out to the church office, the contact information is available under the Contact Us Link in the menu above.